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CARBOVAC is a major player specialized in consulting, engineering, project management and the supply of Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) for downstream petroleum industry.
CARBOVAC was created in 2005 by a team composed of VRU experts, who have a strong experience of more than ten years in this area.

Since its induction, CARBOVAC is identified as a reference player but clearly able to differentiate itself on the Vapor Recovery market.

Indeed, by making the choice of focusing only on VRU technology “adsorption (activated carbon) / absorption” and use only the innovative technology of “dry” screw vacuum, CARBOVAC became a game changer with an alternative to liquid ring vacuum pumps, used on most VRU.

The technology of the screw pump is the choice of maximum efficiency, ease of use, optimized power consumption and reduced maintenance costs.



We provide oil industry professionals with our expertise and knowledge to support them in emissions management projects, offering autonomous and efficient solutions.



Become the preferred partner for petroleum professionals in the field of vapor treatment solutions, using screw vacuum pump technology.


ALMA CARBOVAC : a group with international ambition


In 2005, CARBOVAC’s product line complemented the existing portfolio of ALMA, a leading player in the field of metering and loading of refined petroleum products. As main shareholder of CARBOVAC, ALMA supports the development of this innovative company.


ALMA CARBOVAC has forged strategic partnerships, worldwide, with local support for promotion, integration and maintenance of VRU and metering solutions, in order to ensure responsiveness and service efficiency. In a similar way, suppliers are chosen among the best global players, based on their quality of standards and their international network to ensure the availability of spare parts.



  • Projects led by Carbovac
    within 25 countries
  • Cumulated Processing Capacity
    +180 000
    m³/h of CARBOVAC VRUs
  • "dry screw” vacuum pumps type
    are fitted to the systems sold by CARBOVAC


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