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The CMA Tronique is a complete turbine metering system, dedicated to the distribution of petroleum products. In compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), it’s designed to have no need for a gas extractor or foam return.

The light and compact design of this system is a key advantage when fitting to any vehicle.

The features of the CMA Tronique enable multi-product deliveries whitout contamination. Fuel delivery companies can rest assured that they are always delivering a high quality, non-contaminated fuel to their customers.

The electronic fuel metering control system Microcompt+ autonomously activates the valves and manifold system, decreasing the quantity of degraded fuel. This ALMA exclusivity, as well as offering the transporter peace of mind as to the quality of the product delivered, leads to a significant reduction in lost fuel.

At the end of each delivery, the Microcompt+ will prompt the operator to turn off the engine, reducing fuel consumption. This means substantial energy savings as well as helping protect the environment.

With the excellent reliability of its Adriane turbine, the multiple safety features and computer management link, the CMA Tronique offers a long lasting, efficient and effective solution.

CMA Tronique on tank-truck

CMA Tronique on tank-truck

Product Data Sheet

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Product certifications

Material in conformity with Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/UE (MID)
ISO 9001 : 2008
ATEX conformity Zone 1 Gas group B
European certifications in accordance with directives concerning measuring instruments and equipment installed in explosive area

For pumped metering of petroleum products

Enables metered deliveries of all refined hydrocarbons (fuel, diesel, jet, ethanol) and AdBlue®.


  • Return product system with automated manifold control
  • Full automated delivery by preset, preset with anticipated purge or free mode
  • Automated purge for optimization of declassed product quantity (5 liters max.)
  • Delivery note and/or customized invoice printing
  • On-board data system protocol


  • Transports

Flow rate : 4-50 or 8-80 m³/h / 65-850 or 133-1330 l/min Viscosity : 13 mm²/s max. Power supply : 24 VDC
Accuracy : 0,1% Memory : 365 days
Repeatability : 0,02%
Pressure max. : 20 bar
Temperature : -25°C to +55°C


  • Transports

  • No gas separator
  • Both automated & anticipated deliveries, arinse and purge
  • Compact size & lightweigh
  • Multi-product delivery with no pollution
  • Fast delivery with low pressure drop


  • Transports

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