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  • Transport Metering
  • Pumped metering

The LPG Tronique is a metering system dedicated to measure all liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, butane, propane…).

It allows to perform preset or free deliveries through 1 or 2 pumped lines.

Each delivery is fully automated, secured and may be controlled by a remote control (optional) which includes the mergency stop and dead man options.

The permanent control of the flowrate allows any hose burst detection and an emergency stop accordingly.

The associated pneumatic control box (optional) can be connected to the main standard remote controls.

LPG Tronique on a truck

Product certifications

Material in conformity with Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/UE (MID)
ISO 9001 : 2008
ATEX conformity Zone 1 Gas group B
European certifications in accordance with directives concerning measuring instruments and equipment installed in explosive area

  • Delivery by presetted quantity or free mode
  • Automated delivery management : valves, pump flow rate, emergency stop, remote control, temperature, etc.
  • Delivery note and log printing
  • On-board devices connected
  • Blow-out hose emergency stop


  • Transports

Pressure : 30 bars Flow rate : 6-30 m³/h Power supply : 24 VDC
Indication scale : 1L Accuracy : 0,3% Protection : IP66
Ambient temperature : -25°C to +55°C Repeatability : 0,1% Memory : last 365 days


  • Transports

  • No wear on the meter
  • Automated delivery sequence
  • Hose burst detection
  • Multi remote control box


  • Transports

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