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  • Transport Metering
  • Metering by gravity

The Gravicompt manifold is an extremely compact measuring system for semi and rigid trucks. MID certified, it’s intended for use during gravity-flow deliveries of diesel and petrol to both professional and private customers.

The technical sophistication of our ADRIANE turbine enables the Gravicompt manifold to deliver all fuel types, with ease and by gravity flow. Its design il light and compact. With no mechanical gas separator, it comprises just one high precision measuring chamber.

The Microcompt+ electronic calculator enable continuous regulation of the flow rate. It automatically controls the entirety of all delivery procedures, such as predetermined or complete deliveries.

Through the secure sequence of product movement associated with the system, pollution and product cross-contamination are avoided.

By using reliable and unrivalled durability of our products, clients can easily connect to the installed software, are guaranteed a greater traceability of data, make their deliveries safe, improve their productivity and minimize the need for maintenance interventions.


Gravicompt manifold on truck

Product certifications

Material in conformity with Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/UE (MID)
ISO 9001 : 2008
ATEX conformity Zone 1 Gas group B
European certifications in accordance with directives concerning measuring instruments and equipment installed in explosive area

For gravity metering of petroleum products

  • Livraison gravitaire de produits pétroliers à travers un collecteur multi compartiments et une turbine pour camions porteurs et semi-remorques
  • Séquence de livraison automatisée anti pollution
  • Collecteur vide en fin de livraison
  • Livraison par quantité prédéterminée ou mode libre
  • Bon de livraison et récapitulatif de fin de journée
  • Raccordement aux informatiques embarquées


  • Transports

Flow rate : 8-80 m³/h - 130-1300 l/min Viscosity : 13 mm²/s max. Power supply : 24 VDC
Accuracy : 0,1% Memory : 365 days
Pression max. : 20 bar
Pressure max. : 20 bar
Temperature : -25°C to +55°C


  • Transports

  • No mechanical gas separator
  • Automated delivery management
  • Multi-product delivery with no pollution
  • Compact size & lightweight
  • Fast delivery with low pressure drop


  • Transports

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