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  • Transport Metering
  • Metering by gravity
  • Pumped metering

The GRAVITRONIQUE is a very compact, MID-certified metering unit for pumped and gravity deliveries of gasoline and petrol to private and professional customers.

Thanks to the high technicality of our ADRIANE turbine, the GRAVITRONIQUE allows with extreme simplicity the delivery by pump and by gravity of all types of fuels, through a compact and light installation, without mechanical deaerator and composed of a single high precision measuring chamber.

The MICROCOMPT+ electronic calculator, together with its electro-pneumatic control box, enables dynamic flow management and fully automatic control of all delivery and product movement processes, such as pre-determined delivery and early purging.

This allows the driver to anticipate the amount of fuel to be delivered to the next customer and avoids the time-consuming manual flushing/purging of the reel. The system thus avoids pollution and mixing thanks to a secure sequence of product movements, product returns, purging and rinsing.

The reliability and longevity of ALMA‘s products allow our customers to easily connect to an on-board computer system, to ensure increased data traceability, to secure their deliveries, to improve their productivity and to reduce maintenance operations.

GRAVITRONIQUE on tank truck

Product Data Sheet

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Product certifications

Equipment compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU
ISO 9001
ATEX compliance Zone 1 Gas group B
European certifications according to the directives for measuring instruments and equipment installed in explosive areas

For gravity and pumped measurement of petroleum products

  • Allows the pumped and gravity delivery of all light hydrocarbons and ureas, by reel or direct exit, for trucks and semi-trailers
  • Gravity and pumped deliveries through a turbine
  • Product return system with automated manifold door controls
  • Predetermining, predetermining with pre-purging or free-purging mode dispensing
  • Controlled purge/rinse to optimise the amount of product removed (5 litres max)
  • Customised delivery note and/or invoice printing
  • Protocol for on-board computer connection


  • Transport

Flow rate : 8-80 m³/h - 130-1330 l/min Viscosity : 13 mm²/s max. Power supply : 24 VDC
Accuracy : 0,1% Memory : 365 days
Repeatability : 0,02%
Pressure max. : 20 bar
Ambient temperature : +25°C to +55°C


  • Transport

  • Without gas separator
  • Automated delivery, flushing and purging
  • Compact & lightweight installation
  • Multi-product delivery without pollution
  • Fast delivery with low pressure drop


  • Transport

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