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Our solutions for oil terminals


ALMA & CARBOVAC jointly offer two ranges of solution to enable the control of refined products transfers on the one hand, and the recovery of gaseaous effluents on oil sites on the other hand.

ALMA product ranges enable end-to-end management of volumes and quality of products to be loaded, from arm counting to a depot supervision system.

Turbine technology is central to our metering solutions.

The turbines designed, manufactured and calibrated by ALMA offer a very high level of accuracy as well as excellent repeatability.

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Through its different generations of MICROCOMPT calculators, with the need to ensure compatibility, ALMA offers adapted products covering the regulatory and functional aspects with a goal of simplicity for the everyday user.

CARBOVAC brings a proven technology for the recovery of volatil organic coumpunds (VOC) to enhance hydrocarbon vapors and limit the environmental impact of oil sites.

Each site is the subject of a tailor-made analysis to propose the most suitable solution.

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The turbine and calculator equipments, central to our metering solutions, are completed with a set of products allowing to take care of the secondary needs, including the loading stations.

The team dedicated to the turnkey realizations assures the technical steering and the management of the custom-made projects integrating ALMA components, standard or specific, completed by all the equipments necessary for the realization of the metering installations.

The flexibility of our two entities allows us to meet the various requirements linked to the type of site (from major storage terminal in an international harbor to secondary depot away from the urban nodes), and the location (we are present in more than 50 countries through our local partners).