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Control your product receptions at a service station

ALMA is aware of the challenges faced by service stations managers and strives to develop high-performance products and services that meet their needs.

Retail sites represent the Final link of Oil and Gas value chain and are in contact with the end consumer.

To this end, we have developed the only mobile MID certified device on the market, with the purpose of avoiding fraud during truck unloading on site (among other things).

This device is capable of measuring in real time the volume delivered by a tank truck to the services station.

The FLEXICOMPT is portable, lightweight (~ 7kg) and compact. It can be configured at the customer’s request.

Measurement data can be retrieved using a data transfer key and viewed as an Excel spreadsheet.

Once connected to the tanker truck, the FLEXICOMPT makes it possible to deliver a full compartment, or perform partial delivery. It can also handle deliveries to be split into several underground tanks, or toward several customers for example.

It is also possible to sum up the deliveries of several compartments containing the same product.

This device can also be installed as a “fixed” meter, directly installed on the underground tanks inlets.

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